Invisible Mannequin Photography : London Invisible Mannequin Photographer

If you want the best clothing photography that suits all your needs then look no further. I can photograph products in the invisible mannequin style, also known as ghost mannequin photography and phantom mannequin photography. We love to create the perfect clothing photography; and we do this by steaming and carefully styling every garment to ensure your garments will always look their best.

Invisible mannequin photography is standard with all our clothing photography. This is when the garment looks as though it is being worn by an invisible person. This is done by styling and photographing the item on a mannequin. We then expertly remove the mannequin during post production, so that the backs of the garments can be seen. This style offers an uncluttered view of the garment without the distraction of a model or mannequin. Also allowing the customer to see features of the garment clearly such as the neckline and lining detail. A very popular style of clothes product photography with all clothing retailers.

We can also offer the following services:

Flat Lay Photography

This is when the garment is laid out and styled on a flat board, allowing the clothes to show movement with its natural shape and form.

Body Model/Unidentifiable Model

This is when a garment is shot on a model that only shows the model from the nose down. This option is more cost effective as model fees are cheaper as they are not the “face” of your brand, plus you do not have an additional expense of hair and make-up. Examples can be found here : Unidentifiable Model Photography/Body Model Photography

Alternatively, if you would prefer a more personal feel and the models face to be shown, then a lookbook is for you! We have recommended hair and make-up artists, wardrobe stylists and nail artists (if you require) for you to hire for a professional look. Portfolio here.

Model photography is a great way to show the fit and shape of a garment. We can use your own models, or we can help find, and select, the best model for your brand.

Detail Shots

This can help highlight the texture and interesting design features in a close up detailed shot of the garment.

A good combination of the above image styles creates the perfect way to show off your product. We would recommend the following combination:

Invisible Mannequin + Detail Shot + Body Model Front Shot + Body Model Back Shot

Our invisible mannequin photography and other optional clothing photography prices start at as little as £10 per garment for front only, and then £5 per additional shot of the same garment. 3/4Alternatively, for larger quantities we can shoot 80-100 garments on a model in a day and charge a day rate as opposed to per garment. This can be more cost effective for high volume quantities. To discuss your project further, so that we can give you an accurate quote, please contact us.